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Software provider readies for ‘game-changing’ NCAP

Customs clearing software provider Easyclear is finalising the web-based version of its successful windows application which incorporates the latest South African Revenue Service (Sars) modernisation changes under the New Customs Act Programme

“This new application operates like any other SAAS (software as a service) programme and makes use of Microsoft Azure IaaS (infrastructure as a service) platforms, allowing us to provide comprehensive DRP (Disaster recovery processes) and data replication for 99.9% guaranteed up-time and client peace of mind,” said Easyclear sales manager, Michael Henning.

He explained that the vision was to incorporate the entire supply chain and not simply focus on customs clearing and  forwarding, thus enabling a more effective and transparent supply chain for all parties both local and foreign. “This also enables blockchain technology through the end-to-end supply of data, either through data integration using technology or the use of data within the existing platform.”

According to Henning, the implementation of Sars NCAP and other projects – such as RCG (reporting of conveyances and goods), RLA (Registration, Licensing and Accreditation) and DPS (declaration processing system) – each with their various
streams which contain their own pilot processes, documentation and legislation, can all be considered game-changers in South Africa.

He said blockchain technology could have a “significant effect” on customs clearance as information pertinent to the submission of the clearance process may already be available through the blockchain, enabling faster submission to Sars.
“By using technology and integrating with these disruptors freight forwarders can add value through their data input in the supply chain, improving transparency. Their expertise in the movement of cargo still plays a vital role,” commented Henning.

– Article by Adele Mackenzie from FTW