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Sars works with industry to address RCG concerns

Article by Adele Mackenzie from FTW

The South African Revenue Service (Sars) is working closely with industry associations – including the South African  Association of Freight Forwarders (Saaff) – to ensure that everyone understands the legislative requirements on cargo
reporters, according to Sars Customs executive, Beyers Theron.

He was responding to FTW about concerns raised by Easyclear sales manager, Michael Henning, who told FTW that one of the
greatest challenges around the Customs Reporting of Conveyances and Goods (RCG) – based on feedback from his clients – was the lack of clarity around who should report and when. “This despite efforts by Sars and Saaff to educate trade through numerous workshops,” said Henning.

The first phase of RCG went live last month when it became mandatory for all cargo reporters in the air, sea and road industries to submit reports to Sars electronically. Theron acknowledged that the majority of this segment from trade had not been clear  an existing legislative requirements and obligations under the 1964 Act. “Now that we are implementing a new set of requirements aligned to the 2014 Customs Acts, it’s evident that those who do have clarity and who are not confused are those who have journeyed with us for many years through our Automated Cargo Management system (ACM) and more recently
our Manifest Processing system (MPR),” he said. “The feedback makes perfect sense coming from those who are new to this journey.”

Henning said that roadfreight RCG reporting had “stabilised” for Easyclear following a few initial challenges during implementation last month and was working well both in the software company’s Windows solution and web based solutions.
“The timing of the RCG implementation – coming hot on the heels of the VAT increase and implementation of the Sugar Beverage Levy (SBL), both of which required a good deal of development – left very little room for error, which I believe contributed to some of the oversight and challenges experienced in that first week of RCG implementation,” he explained.

Henning said Easyclear was now focusing on seafreight RCG cargo reporters and had not had any issues raised by clients
to date.