Company Philosophy

Our company philosophy is based on a philosophy of mutual respect, Easyclear adopts a policy of treating all our staff and clients as people, fairly and impartially with respect and dignity. Our clients always come first and each client is treated equally and fairly with the emphasis on assisting all our client to the best of our ability in resolving any problem they might encounter as quickly as possible.

Paul Ramdaloo heads the development team and is a degreed, full-time systems analyst, programmer and developer while Brett Ross, leads the support and maintenance department for the product. Marketing is headed by Michael Henning, while the administration is handled and controlled by director, CJ Pagel. The staff work in a congenial and comfortable working environment, ensuring a pleasant atmosphere while dealing with the demands of the industry. Additional staff are employed and trained on the basis of our client’s needs, thus ensuring that you always come first. An interdisciplinary team philosophy ensures the best problem dissemination possible, with all members of the team expanding their knowledge and skills, to the benefit of our clientele. State of the art technology is used in the assistance of product support and most problems are solved remotely via Team Viewer or RDP depending on the security level of the client.

Evolution and Progress

As with any software product, the basic elements are tackled first, therefore, capturing the tariff book was first on the agenda. Once completed, basic import and export modules, incorporating electronic disk formats and electronic data interchange (EDI) was developed and tested with SARS.

Thus having a basic marketable product, we then started adding features such as the invoicing module, interfacing into Pastel. Warehousing modules started being introduced into the software, management systems and tracking systems were developed amongst many other features available in our system. Reports and customized documents come from Rave Reports V.6 supplied with our development tool Delphi 2005. Furthermore we will Endeavour to continue to stay in line with SARS developments and requirements as well as industry expectations, thus allowing you to concentrate on expanding your business, while the operation continues to run smoothly while contracted to Easy Clear.

In 2010 Clearing Support Service Cape Town merged with Easyclear, like they say “if you can’t beat them, join them!” . This new venture allowed Easyclear to expand its in house knowledge base while also increase their market share.

With the current advances in technology and mobile broadband and cloud technology Easyclear is set to provide additional and exciting advances to our already fantastic product range encompassing the technology of today to provide innovative advances to our product offering so watch this space!

Meet the team // The engine & the drive, the magic behind the action



Managing Director

CJ has combined vision and leads a young, vibrant and exciting team into the future and a new era with Easyclear web being a first within in the industry. With expert knowledge and experience in various fields ranging from Customs Clearing as a clearing agent to Import Management, as well as I.T.

Ambitious and aspiring to always achieve more, CJ aims to improve not only himself, but his team and the establishment as a whole.

He does not sit back and rest on his laurels, and having mastered just about all the available modules in Easy Clear.

Often referred to as a charismatic and charming man with a very dry sense of humour, CJ’s door is always open, to his colleagues, staff and friends, but most of all, to his clientele.



Sales Manager

Michael studied at the Witwatersrand Technikon obtaining a diploma in travel and tourism with marketing as one of the core subjects, on completion of his practical subjects with Compu-Clearing Michael was asked to join Compu-Clearing (PTY) Ltd in the marketing division with the focus on promoting a product known as the S.A Flyer, having successfully increased the sales of this product and showing a keen interest in the groups other freight related products He was quickly promoted to Accounts manager for some of the groups key national accounts.

Proving himself in this new field of expertise Michael was tipped for one of the executive positions within the group before leaving to embark on his own business aspirations within the Freight and Logistics community, starting a successful recruitment company called X-Act placements (PTY) Ltd and consulting company called Prime-X (PTY) Ltd, before joining EASYCLEAR as the Marketing manager and now General manager and shareholder of this exciting new and dynamic software service provider where he is today.

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Head Developer

Paul holds a degree in computers and mathematics and heads our development team. With years of experience in software system analysis and programming, Paul has the huge responsibility of guiding his team in implementing and developing the current desktop software application as well as the new web application. A shareholder and one of the founder members of EASYCLEAR, Paul plays an integral part in the longevity and success of the business, often bringing a refreshingly different perspective to the business.

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Support Manager

Brett has also been involved in the logistics industry in the past working in KZN for a logistics company in their planning division before joining EASYCLEAR in technical support, quickly climbing the ranks to account representative and ultimately today oversee the Support department. Brett has a talent for understanding our clients’ needs and getting the job done under some difficult circumstances and tight deadlines. An avid golfer having played some tough courses in South Africa Brett brings a touch of comic relief and humor to our team!



Key Account Manager

Devon joined Easyclear in a technical support role and has since moved up from  Helpdesk Manager to Key Accounts Manager. A keen interest in I.T and all things I.T related Devon is an avid gamer and when he is not burning the midnight oil on client related projects he is gaming with friends often for an entire weekend! Probably the tallest member of the support team Devon towers over some of his colleagues and is always willing to help with personal and business related PC software issues, a gentle giant to say the least.

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Senior Account Representative

Born 1987 Kelvin started in the position of Technical support and now fulfills his role as Senior Account representative with a portfolio of Gauteng as well as some of our border clients, with previous experience in the I.T and cellular industry Kelvin has a passion for the outdoors and hunting. In his spare time it is not uncommon for Kelvin to lead hunting parties as a hobby, both in South Africa and outside of our borders. Our regular braai master Kelvin often shares some very interesting stories of his bushveld experiences over a cold beer and a “stukkie braai vleis”.

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Account Representative

Michael came into this world and was instantly an Anime fanatic, although his love for anime is large it doesn’t interfere with a love for books. At a young stage in Michael’s life he was introduced to art and has been drawing and painting ever since. Michael completed matric in 2015 with distinctions in Art and Graphic design, Michael recently got engaged to his highschool sweetheart, and Is now working for both of their futures. With a can do positive attitude and not afraid to learn anything new, Michael has enjoyed the Easyclear challenge and currently can be found assisting clients as an Account Representative.


Senior Account Representative

“The purpose of life is to find meaning, even in suffering” – Viktor Frankl

From the humble surroundings of East London to the bustling city life of Johannesburg – Courtney has pursued a life of authenticity. Matriculating in 2010 and obtaining a certificate in Business management, he thereafter found himself in the demands of the FMCG environment for the next 4 years. Here he learned the corner stones of both Supply chain with Daymon Worldwide and the need for Customer services with Clover S.A. A self proclaimed geek and fan of Metal music – he is currently completing his BA in Human Sciences and Social services, specializing in counseling – through which he hopes to understand the core elements of what makes us human. Now with Easy Clear, Courtney seeks to build valuable relationships with clients using previous knowledge of industries, as well as his compassionate trend towards people.

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Senior Developer

Adrian has been an integral part of the development team almost since EASYCLEAR started in 2004. Now a senior developer Adrian is the corner stone of the new web application. Adrian has a unique outlook on life and his interests include the more eclectic literature such as Homer and rock music that is certainly not mainstream. Adrian has owned more cars than the average person working at EASYCLEAR and likes to work on them himself often to the dismay of his neighbors I would imagine. A quiet yet sometimes outspoken person Adrian is not your typical programmer.

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Natalie was was born in 1984 and matriculated in 2002, in 2004 Natalie took the opportunity to further her studies in Pretoria and completed a 3 year course in cosmetology in 2 years. As time flew by Natalie ended up working for a Welding company for 8 years and gained an enormous amount of knowledge from sales to accounting in the welding industry. Natalie met the love of her life and has a beautiful little girl that keeps them on their toes. Work circumstances changed and Natalie joined EASYCLEAR in August 2015 feeling it was time to move on to the next challenge. Natalie developed an interest in figures and accounts and aspires to complete a course in junior accounting. Just proving you are never too old to learn! Natalie has settled in nicely as part of the EASYCLEAR Johannesburg team and is already a familiar voice to our clients on reception and will soon move into the accounts department where again she will be a familiar voice to all our clients, outstanding account beware!


Sales & Marketing

Jeanette has had a colourful career in the hospitality industry and has often fascinated the team with tales of famous people that have graced the rooms of the Palace of the Lost city in Sun City and some scandal that even the papers have never got hold of. Jeanette’s career in freight goes back almost as far as our colleague Warwick Butcher with never a dull moment and her fair share of stories, known only to those few who have shared a glass of wine with her over a Christmas party or two. Jeanette joined the EASYCLEAR Johannesburg sales and marketing team back when there was no team and has since made steady progress in growing our client base nationally while bringing a feminine touch to an otherwise testosterone driven team. Jeanette has a love of sport and follows our national teams in Cricket and Rugby religiously bring us regular updates of the match fixtures and live scores during the games.

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Tariff Support & Software Support

School: Northlands Boys High School - Durban
National Service: 2 years SA Navy
Started with Lep Transport in Durban 1977 doing Customs and Warf work.
Moved to JHb in 1979
Learned and been involved mainly in various aspects of Customs Tariff and sea and air freight..

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Cape Town Software Support

Uven was born 1974 and grew up in Johannesburg. He joined the Clearing Software Industry in 1996 where he was involved on the IT side, managing IT systems and networks, offering Technical support worldwide. In 2008 he transferred to Cape Town to service clients and their needs. In 2009 he joined Easy Clear, servicing and maintaining their Cape Town clients.



Cape Town Software Support

Dietrich has previously worked for EASYCLEAR in the role of SLA Support Technician were he later became part of the Software support representatives, before completing his studies in Project management and taking up a position that enabled him to exercise his newly acquired knowledge. Dietrich re-joined the EASYCLEAR team in 2013 in the role of Senior Account representative. Dietrich’s interests include IT advances and the latest technologies, his input has been invaluable to both the company and clients alike.

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Cindy was born in South Africa in 1986, she has lived in Cape Town all her life and is the youngest of three sisters. As a little girl her dream was to become a hairdresser and to have many kids. Although Cindy’s dream of being a hairdresser has not been realized, her dream of being a mother has, she is a mother of a beautiful daughter Juliana. Cindy has decided that her childhood dream of “many children” has changed as well, she says “one is more than enough thank you”. She has worked in the food industry as well as a fitness center. Cindy has worked in the IT world for the past 5½ years. She says that each day something new should be learnt. You have got to love what you do and do what you love!

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Tariff Support

John was born in England during the second world war. Due to the total devastation of two homes by bombs and there being literally nowhere to live, his parents decided to move and start a new life in Africa. Later moving to Nyasaland and then Southern Rhodesia in 1951 where he completed his Cambridge Matric at Ellis Robins High School. Started work at the Ministry of Education then spent four months self-employed in Cape Town. In 1961 he joined Lever Brothers as a junior buyer moving on to management in 1973 in Durban where he met and married his wife Toni at the Old Fort Chapel. A couple of years later Juanita arrived to join John’s son Craig.

After five years in Pinetown where he became a member of Junior Chamber he was promoted again, to the Levers Boksburg factory until he left after 20 years service. A decision was made to leave the corporate world and the family arrived in the Cape on the 1st July 1989 and later that year bought a house in Strand where they still live. Having had 26 years experience with imported commodities he accepted an opportunity to enter the computerized customs clearing industry, which he has perused ever since. In 1993 he formed an alliance with Warwick of CSS which has been very stimulating and challenging – this is a complex industry! To occupy his spare time he dabbles in DIY home projects ranging from rebuilding engines to completely refurbishing the kitchen . Formula 1 motor racing is his top entertainment on TV



Cape Town Branch Manager

Warwick was born in Nairobi, Kenya in 1955. He moved with his family to Cape Town in 1969, where he finished his schooling at S.A.C.S. in Cape Town. After leaving school he studied to be a Chef at Hotel School but did not pursue the trade. In the early 70’s he decided to follow in his father’s footsteps by joining the Freight Industry. He started with Freight Services Ltd then moved company and joined Hellmann International – opening their Cape Town Airfreight Branch. He then moved over to the IT industry where he supplied the freight industry with Customs Clearing Programs for and on behalf of Clearway Computer Systems.

In 1980 Clearing Support Services was formed and the company grew to a well-recognized stakeholder in the market. In 2001 Clearlink Software Support was registered in Cape Town and represented Clearing Support Services till March 2010. With the advent of SARS modernization program, Warwick entered in to a franchise agreement with Easyclear (Pty) Ltd covering an area from East London up the West Cost of SA including Namibia. Warwick, has, with his loyal staff, been able to promote Easyclear as a service driven company providing a superior level of service. Warwick and his Cape Town staff of 6, on software support, have got 64 year under their belt together. Warwick is engaged to Linda, aka Sparks, he has two daughters Leanne and Nicole, two “step” sons Andre and Jean-Paul. He also enjoys the outdoors as well as taking a keen interest in all water borne activates.

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Durban Branch Manager

Representing the East Coast Region. Born 1985. Joined EasyClear Support in 2009 & have also assisted in growing the client base in this region. Graduated from NIIT with A + & N +. Leon has a great relationship With the Durban clients & understand their work processes. A guy of few words who likes Racing.

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Musina Tech Support

Born in 1983 living in the bush and growing up on the farm. Had a keen interest in computers since a young age. Matriculated at Eric Louw high school in 2001 then directly proceeded to acquire my A+, N++ and MCSD at CTU in Roodepoort. Went to Tswane university of technology in 2004 where I studied Intelligent Industrial Systems until 2007. Started working as a programmer in the Pretoria and Midrand area from 2007 to 2014 after which I decided to come back to my roots. Started working at the border at one of our largest Beitbridge clients, where I built up alot of customs experience, after which I joined the Easy Clear team on 2 April 2016 and have never looked back. I still have a passion for programming and have designed several systems in my spare time.

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Helpdesk Manager

Motivated & Driven with a Keen interest in the Dynamic of People and Marketing, Having Studied for a BA Psychology Degree, She will be pursuing a Degree in BCom Marketing. Toni started her Career in the IT Industry, 6 Months Thereafter Blossoming into The FMCG industry for Four Years. Now with Easyclear she has combined these skills, starting in the Support Team, she quickly worked her way up to Helpdesk Manager. Her Energetic and Bubbly personality making her a fresh breath of air in the office.

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Durban Tech Support / Accounts

A people’s person, humble, caring and keen to make a difference is what Keshnie is about. Finishing school in 2003 ,having studied Child Psychology and currently in her 3rd year of Biblical Studies she is passionate about life. Having a flair for Art, Painting and Drawing are some of the many hobbies that she has. Always willing to try with a positive attitude. Her compassion towards helping others goes beyond measure. Leaving behind a career in Debt management and now joining Easy clear's IT support / Accounts with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.

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Junior Developer

"It always looked impossible until its done”, I obtain my diploma software development at Tshwane University of Technology. I have since then develop the interest and love for programming and I would like to grow into it. Otherwise am loving and caring individual who love watching movies romcom being my favourite and games of soccer with my loved ones, it’s a family tradition sort of and that’s how we bond over weekends.

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Durban Software Support

Wasim Shaik Hoosen ,an enthusiastic and energetic youngster has joined EasyClears Durban support team at a tender age. A very helpful and friendly person always willing to do his best. He loves animals but has a great obsession for the Pitbull breed. He fills his spare time with some of his hobbies such as playing pool and video games. Motivation and determination is what he portrays.

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